Medicare Advantage VS Medicare Supplements


    Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage with little or no monthly premiums. In some instances the client can actually receive money back every month!      When a client enrolls in a Medicare Advantage plan they are still part of the Medicare Program and retain all of their Medicare rights and protections.

    When joining a Medicare Advantage plan a client will continue to receive all their regular Medicare-covered services. With a Medicare Advantage the client will also have access to additional services that neither Medicare Supplements nor Original Medicare can provide.

  Medicare Advantage plans can offer prescription drug coverage whereas Medicare Supplements do not.

  November 15th, 2006 will mark the first time in Medicare’s history that Medicare Advantage plans will be offered to 98% of the counties in the United States, that number was only 15% last year.

 Medicare Supplement premiums continue to rise while the commissions continue to shrink. At the same time most Medicare Advantage premiums are at or near $0 and both commissions and renewals continue to grow!

 With a Medicare Supplement the client must pay to have the privilege to have health care access whether they use it or not! With a Medicare Advantage plan the client only makes a small co-pay when they use the services.

 A client can enjoy having the peace of mind knowing that with a Medicare Advantage plan that they are guaranteed that even in a time of poor health they won’t have to pay out more than $3000 in any calendar year. With a Supplement the client is guaranteed to have to pay out $1500 to $1800 a year before they receive any kind of service.

 The days of getting a referral from your primary Doctor to see a specialist have long since passed. Current Medicare Advantage plans, such as a PFFS, allow the client to go to any doctor, any hospital, anytime and anywhere without referrals!

 With a Medicare Advantage plan the client only has to answer ONE health question;

 Do you have End-Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure)?


  Now as a top agent can you imagine how you can help your clients with their other product needs after you have freed up $1500-$2000 per person in a household?


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